Live with purpose and enthusiasm today and joyfully anticipate tomorrow.     ~Tonja Bagwell

“Tonja Dudley Bagwell's poems in Perceptual Salvations are concise, cohesive, powerful evocations of the poet's intrepid witnessing to the highs and lows, the darkness and the brightness, of the human psyche and experience. She celebrates the resilience of the human spirit that can overcome adversity and emerge transcendent. The poems can be portals to transformative insight, discovery, and deep feeling. Some of the subjects she addresses are not easy to contemplate, yet Tonja's creativity and compassion make these poems precisely what the title proclaims -- perceptual salvations.”

~ Mitch Hall, Ph.D., Author, Holistic Health and Wellness Counselor, Teacher of Mindful Movement and Meditation

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Perceptual Salvations is filled with mindful poetry and narratives. It will arouse the reader's perception of mental and emotional wellness. Healing music accompanies each poem on the audio version of Perceptual Salvations. 

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