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​​Jafansta, Inc is a small publishing company founded in 2007. We are available to aspiring authors throughout the country. Our team is small, so we can focus on your individual needs. We offer personalized publishing for those seeking to maintain a certain level of control throughout their publishing process. The publishing world can be challenging and intimidating, but Jafansta will strive to make your experience positive and rewarding. We cater to those who are interested in self-publishing or have smaller publishing goals. 

Jafansta offers personal attention and will collaborate with you. We will communicate with you via email (preferred), regular (USPS) mail, Twitter, Facebook, fax or via phone by appointment only. Jafansta will strive to make your publishing experience stress-free and affordable.

Additional Services

Questions regarding the publishing or the publishing process? 
Consultations available at affordable rates. 

Need to have your work typed? 
Typing Services available at affordable rates.

Need minor or extensive editing or proofreading? 
Editing Services available at affordable rates.

Have a book idea, but writing is a difficult challenge?
Ghostwriting Services available at affordable rates.

Advantages of publishing with Jafansta, Inc

Choose the gemstone package that fits your budget!
Choose your book cover and artwork!
Collaborate directly with the publisher!
Market or distribute your book without permission from Jafansta!

Sell your own books and keep your profits! 

Only in men's imagination does every truth find an effective and undeniable existence. Imagination, not invention, is the supreme master of art as of life.    ~Joseph Conrad​​

You Write...  

We Publish!