If your manuscript is handwritten, there is an extra charge for typing and editing. 

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  • Manuscripts should be TYPED. (Handwritten manuscripts accepted, but a reading fee and typing costs are applicable.) 

  • Manuscripts should be e-mailed to (Manuscripts sent via mail will take an additional 90 days to process.) 

  • Manuscripts should include a cover letter with the following information: 

  1. Name, Address, Email, Phone, Gender, Age, Occupation, Mini Bio 

  2. Book Genre, Summary of Plot, Protagonist(s), Antagonist(s), Characters, Setting   
  3. Is this a trade or industry book? What is your topic? Who is your target audience?​
  4. Why did you write this book? Are you an expert or specialist in this field?

  • Taking Chances2:24

For the "old-school" aspiring author you can mail your manuscript. 

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