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This chapbook is filled with poems that asks the reader to "reexamine our concepts of liberty, selfhood, humanism, equality, and nationalism." 

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Listen to the poet's reassuring voice on CD as she reads each poem from the above book with melodious background music in this top-selling audio book


​Detroit: Fort on the Straits, A Legacy of Love is OUT OF PRINT.​

This book of poetry is an inspirational, spiritual and cultural adventure that will tap into your essence.  It includes the popularized tribute poem for Michael Jackson, "Metamorphosis of a Megastar" that debuted at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit, MI. 

This anthology is filled with poems, letters, essays, and articles from straight and gay poets and writers from around the world.  The foreword is written by PFLAG National President, Rabbi David Horowitz, who says, "Those who read this anthology will find it a source of strength as well as a literary delight."    

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This book is filled with sentimental elegies. It is a great poetry therapy resource to uplift and help cope with death. The poet's confessional style reveals an examination of life, death, illness, and spirituality. Poetry Therapy is one of the many therapeutic healing arts found under the umbrella of Expressive Arts Therapy. 

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This chapbook is filled with intriguing pantoums.  A pantoum has repeating lines and is composed of a series of quatrains; the 2nd and 4th lines of each stanza are repeated as the 1st and 3rd of the next. The 1st line of the poem is the last line of the final stanza. The 3rd line of the 1st stanza is the 2nd line of the final stanza. 

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